Sustainable packaging for a greener earth

we have a broad range of technical expertise

KoolEarth Solutions can assist you in the following areas:


· Molded pulp packaging – Equipment, fiber processing, barrier application (wet end, spray coating)

· Water based barrier coatings and printable coatings (petrochemical based and bio-based) for packaging applications – expertise in identification of appropriate coating, application process and testing of barrier performance. Developed products that contributed to over $ 25 million in sales

· Coatings and additives (for paper and plastic) based on nanocellulose

· Repulpability/recyclability testing of paper cups and other laminated or coated paperboard packaging

· Extrusion lamination of thermoplastics onto paper and paperboard for packaging applications, including extrusion of renewable polymers (such as PLA)

· Adhesive lamination of polymer films on to paper and film substrates

· Development of renewable chemicals and plastics, such as bio-PET, from food waste, woody biomass and agricultural by-products – Identification of appropriate technologies, coordination with technology providers, setting up new supply chains and development of pilot and commercial processes

· Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of various packaging formats using Compass/EcoImpact software, as well as other proprietary tools, to determine environmental impacts (such as GHG, water usage, solid waste) and to provide recommendations for reducing/minimizing impacts

· Optimizing design of rigid packaging (particularly bottles) to allow for recycling – types of labels, barrier materials and oxygen scavengers to be used

· Deep understanding of global recycling processes and infrastructure for paper and plastic based packaging

· Understanding of global Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for packaging and demonstrated savings of over $ 200,000 to PepsiCo 

· Incorporation of recycled content into food and non-food contact plastic packaging – Identification of suppliers/sources, qualification and testing

· Development of corporate sustainability goals and alignment with global sustainability initiatives (such as UN SDG and COP21)

· Extensive network of global suppliers, NGOs, recycling bodies and government organizations

· High barrier plastic packaging – Identification of barrier materials (such as PEF, PTF, PGA monolayer and multi-layer barrier systems) and  processing and testing, recycling evaluation